how to use this site

The site has been designed to enable you to browse and view examples of the work of Sarah Thompson and Stephen Bell that can be purchased as high quality giclée prints. If you find a work that you would like to order as a print there are links you can click to get directly to the online shop.

To simply browse through the works, select one of the small images to the right.

To find out more about the works, select the artist’s name to the left.

To find out about the artists, select their names above.

The prints are produced by local Dorset printing company who we have chosen because of the care and attention they pay to making each print. When you choose to buy one of our prints your browser will be redirected to the printer’s gallery pages. The site is independent of us and your transactions will be with the printers, Salt Of The Earth, not Penstemon Prints.

Some of these works may also be available as originals. To find out whether an original work is for sale please contact us via email.

We would be happy to discuss commissions, exhibitions, talks about our work and other potential projects. Simply contact us via email.